Jun 29, 2010

Little Bunny Foo Foo

As many of you know, we have resident rabbits at our home. Yes I said rabbits plural. At first we thought it was just one. Then I saw two together. And now I've seen three together. You know how rabbits are.... there's no tellin' how many of them actually live in our little forest.

They come right up on our deck sometimes. They don't typically hop away right when you go outside...only if chased do they scamper.

They eat my plants. Jason wants to shoot them. Ella LOVES them! She likes to look for them in the morning, point to them and say, "See! See!" and then hop around and make her bunny noise. So I want to get some more Liquid Fence (seriously the best product ever...totally effective for anything bothering your plants yet safe for animals, peopel, children, and the environment!) to protect my perennials and coexist peacefully with the little Foo Foos.

Here's one of our foo foos munching on the grass just off our deck this morning. Here's Ella's impersonation of her furry little friends.


Cheryl said...

Cute bunny, and cute little hopping Ella! I just had a not-so-good thought, tho. What's going to happen when we visit, and Cooper chases the bunnies? Hopefully he won't kill and eat one in front of Ella! That might be a bit too traumatic. P.S. You left some liquid fence in my garage. I can bring it to you in July.

Sarah said...

Oh praise the Lord I've been looking all over for that Liquid Fence! Oh, Hunter chases them all the time. I really doubt Cooper will catch one. If he does, it'll be in the woods where we can't see!

Krissy said...

Please tell Ella that her impression of a bunny is spot on!! :) Seriously, very cute.
And thank you for the liquid fence tip!