Jul 9, 2010

4th of July

This 4th of July we headed up to Jason's Family Camp known as "Everyone's Camp" because everyone is always welcome. We knew this year Ella would be old enough to enjoy it and enjoy it she did! (As did we. Although camp is a different experience chasing after an 18month old, we tag teamed and took advantage of naptime and bedtime and got in plenty of time fishing, swiming, going for boat rides, sitting around the fire and playing games.)

Ella took long naps. Went to bed around her normal time and woke up at the bum crack of dawn each morning popping her head over the edge of the pack n play and saying, "Mama! Daddy! Owsigh! (outside) Wa-wa! (water)" repeatedly. For the sake of others trying to sleep in on their long weekend we traded off getting up with her and taking her for walks and occupying her until everyone else arose. Then we chased her around camp all day long. We SO look forward to many fun times at camp and are so grateful for the opportunity she will have to grow up on a lake around many friends and family!

As always, we ate VERY well up at camp! The evidence is all over Ella's face in this one.
She LOVED the water...but only on her terms. She wanted to go in only as far as her knees or thighs and splash. She did like it when you twirled her around with her legs in the water. Other than that, if you tried to take her deeper or do anythign else with her, she'd scream bloody murder. She liked the boat only when it was going slow...but once again she loved the "fishies"!I'm not sure exactly what she is to her her...I think her second cousin...but Ryleigh and Ella loved hanging out together which I was so hoping they would. Ryleigh is 3 and moves at a bit faster pace, but Ella was intrigued by her! They often got into impromptu giggling fits with each other and could be caught randomly hugging one another frequently.


Deb O'Clair said...

great pics Sarah!!

Cheryl said...

Hooray, new pictures! Love the lake! I'm so glad, too, that Jason's family has a camp you guys can enjoy. Ella and Ryleigh look like they had fun. And are those little baby water shoes? So cute!

joven said...
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joven said...
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