Jul 27, 2010

"I had a 50/50 chance on that one..."

Jason returned home from his business trip to D.C. to find three loads of clean laundry all put away, a house no less messy than when he left and the bedroom redone. (No I'm not usually this amazing. But I'd been sick for one month and just finished my dose of antibiotics so the burst of energy from feeling well again made me feel like superwoman!)

"SooOOooo? What do you think!?" I waited with great anticipation for Jason's overwhelmingly excited (yeah right) reaction to the room redo.
"I like it," he quickly chimed. But knowing I'd want some more details he rummaged around his brain a bit and came up with, "It's....ummmm....a lot brighter."
"No," I replied flatly. "It's not. It's darker."
"Oh. Yeah. I figured I had a 50/50 chance on that one," why he kept trying, I'll never know. "It was a lighter blue right?"
"Ummm, no. NO it was not."
"Oh," he said with a chuckle of surrender. He knew any further effort would be in vain. "What color was it before?"
WHAT COLOR WAS IT BEFORE!!?? Seriously? Seriously. Honestly people, I don't think he even would have realized I'd done anything to the room if I hadn't brought him in there and said "What do you think!?" Oh the poor man was probably in agony trying to figure out what I was referring to!
Oh, his brain was no doubt racing through possibilities, "Oh my gosh. She did something and I'm supposed to say something....something encouraging...somethin insightful...something specific. I am SO screwed!!! Blinds...is it the blinds? No. No I think we had those before. Curtains...she took down the curtains. O crap! Did we ever have curtains? A picture...did she frame a new picture? Nope...those are pictures taken of us 7 years ago...phew I'm good there. Paint! Did she paint? No. It was always blue. Right? Oh man! What the crap am I supposed to think something about!!!???"
This is why I get free reign on home decor and I'm a happy little camper. But the abundance of folded underwear in his drawer...now THAT he noticed. Bless his oblivious little heart! Oh how I do love him!
And now my friends...you can tell me what you think. And you can also see how DRASTIC the change was and I'm sure find the situation all the more funny!


Amy said...

Look at you!!!! Looks awesome, Sarah!!!!

I can so 100% see Jason saying that. You should use it to your advantage and get super fat...he'd never know!

TheGigglingE said...

I just discovered your blog and might the room looks great and you are hilarious!

Cheryl said...

My theory is that he didn't notice because you also painted your bedroom light blue in Old Town and in Etna, so he felt right at home and very familiar seeing blue in the bedroom! And yes, the paint job and decorating look awesome! You are amazing. :-)

anxiousknitter said...

Oh, Sarah!! It's beautiful! So lovely and soothing - will make for a wonderful nights rest! :)

Amber said...

Sarah, it looks fabulous! You are quite the painter/decorator. Good job! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks guys. And really, I only spent money on paint, then just put up our own pictures & decorations!