Jun 16, 2010

Winning the War

I think we are winning the war that we have waged against rodents in our home.

We're pretty sure that we've irradicated all the flying squirrells from the attic. (There are no more thunderous ropping sessions going on over head in the middle of the night anymore.)

If there were chipmunks, they're not there anymore. They've certainly retreated to living under our decks. Maybe we'll address that later.

The only things left are mice. We've been knocking them off left and right. One clearly got caught by the trap but not killed and we heard it run away through the wall, loudly dragging the clunking the trap in tow. I felt bad for it. But the clunking stopped shortly thereafter and I think it was out of it's misery quickly. I KNOW it's out of it's misery now, by the stench eminating from the wall where we last heard the clunking. Awesome. Jason says it will go away in a few days when it dries up. Double awesome!

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