Sep 9, 2009

Job Hunting With God

I have been job hunting for a while now. I'm looking for a position because, while we can make it on what Jason is bringing in it's SUPER DUPER tight. It would be nice to have a little extra cash to help pay down debt more aggressively, save, and perhaps buy some desperately needed new clothes and some gifts for people this Christmas.

However, I still struggle with wondering if I'm trying to control the situation and take matters in to my own hands by looking for a job. And while I do pray a lot about it, I still wonder if God wants me to just stay home and concentrate on Jason and Ella and increase my faith by trusting Him for finances. On the other hand I wonder if He has some great plans to continue to use me and teach me and grow me working with people. I've got no clear cut answers. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, following His voice as best I can hear and Believing (capital B) that He will work it all out. So really, I can't go wrong.

The process has been interesting to say the least. I need to find something that is nights or weekends so we don't have to do childcare because that would just cancel out the extra money if we had to pay for that! I want something that is only a few nights a week. And I want something in the social services field, preferably working with adults with mental illnesses because that is where my heart is and I'd like to keep my foot in the field. Needless to say, there's not a lot out there and (shocker) they don't pay well.

I hadn't found opportunities to work with adults with mental illnesses. So I have taken two interviews for working with the elderly, gotten offered both jobs, and turned the first one down and have been agonizing over the second.

Just tonight as I prayed about whether or not to take the second offer, I pleaded that God give me a clear answer. Hearing nothing but silence, I went looking for more jobs. And low and behold...there were FIVE new listings for jobs working with adults with mental illnesses, all per-diem. PERFECT. Just finished applying for all five. God is good.


Shar5309 said...

I love the new layout and I wish you all the best with the job search!

Cheryl said...

Your new blog design is soooo beautiful! I pray you'll find the right fit with a job or that God will let you know if you're not supposed to get one.

Cheryl said...

Hey, you just changed your resume picture! Stop wasting time with pictures of resumes and post some more cutie patootey baby pictures, will ya?! :-)