Sep 18, 2009

My Uncle Needs You!

Yes you! These are not cliched, idle words. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in a God that can heal miraculously. My uncle needs you to pray! The short story is he is in ICU with internal bleeding that the docs cannot figure out where it's coming from. The details are below.

This is Kirsten and Rich, my aunt and uncle. They have two kids age 8 and 5. Early Thursday morning Rich went to the local hospital for sudden, unexplained internal bleeding. He was to be transferred to a larger hospital by ambulance when his vitals started dropping and they then life flighted him.During the day Thursday they found his stomach riddled with ulcers and thought that was the problem. He was admitted to ICU because his internal bleeding was not stopped.

Friday his internal bleeding continued and they do not know what is going on. It appears to be much more than just ulcers. At 5:14pm his b/p crashed to 40/21 and they called a code blue. They put an "line" in his artery and were able to get his vitals back to stable. But they still don't know what's going on!!!

Please pray for God to heal him! Pray now, pray often, pray whenever you think about it, pray continuously, ask others to pray. I'm in Maine, they're in Michigan...getting the word out and praying is all I know to do!!!

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Esther said...

Sarah, we are praying! Our small group prayed tonight as well. Any updates on how he is doing?