Sep 15, 2009

9 Month Photo Shoot

Well, I wasn't planning on doing a 9month photo shoot buuut...this afternoon as we were playing in the grass waiting for daddy to get home, the lighting was great and she just looked so cute! I had to start snapping away. Then J got home and was sitting there playing with her and Hunter was in the background... how could I resist!? Then he turned the camera on us and he got some great shots! Thanks hon! There are so few shots of Ella and I together because I'm always on the other end of the these are beyond precious to me! There are also very few shots of us as family and none that are professional looking....but we're going to remedy that in October when our friend Renee does a session for us!!!


Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, those are great! So precious! I love it, love it, love it when you post new pictures! :-)

Shannon said...

Great pictures, Sarah, and we're praying for Rich and Kirsten and kids. Love you guys and miss you.

Anonymous said...

Love them!!!