Sep 22, 2009

McDougals Orchard!

Saturday afternoon was bright and sunny, but there was also a crips breeze in the air. Perfect fall weather! We headed over to the FABULOUS McDougals Apple Orchard just a 2 minute drive from our house. They have huge, delicious apples of many varieties I've never even heard of, apple cider donuts, baby farm animals, home grown mums, pumpkins, corn maze, and FREE tractor hay rides! (FYI, they're cider...not so good...a little disappointed there.) Not to mention that the owner gave Jason permission on the spot to bow and rifle hunt the whole dang orchard. Made my sweet hubby's whole fall!Well, let me tel you, this girl LOVES her some apples. Whenever she sees one she wants to get her little gums on it and suck the life out of it. She even tries to eat them when she sees picture of them in books! I feed her little pieces and she gets quite upset when it's all gone.She also loved the tractor ride. We sat right up front and faced forward. He mouth gaped open in amazement her little arms and legs frequently kicked with delight.

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