Sep 14, 2009

Ella's 9month Update

Took Ella to her 9 month check-up. Not sure about our new Doc down here. But that's another story, perhaps I'll post on that to get some feedback from you all later. She's 17 1/2 lbs and 27inches long. Right on target for everything...height, weight, head circumference, fine and gross motor skills, language etc. etc. Along the way are some recent pics of her first hiking trip and Hunter tolerating her :)

What She's Eating:
Well, everything. It's easier to say what she's not eating...cows milk, meat, berries and anything containing nut products....doc advises waiting 'till 12mos for all those.

What She's Saying:
Lots of babbling, yayaya, gagag, mamam, dadada, nanana, hihihi. On a few ocasions I have gotten her to obviously repeat sounds. The first one she did was "hi-ya!" yes, like the karate sound. It was adorable. The second one was "dada", melts my heart!Her Choice form of Mobility:
She wants to be on the floor where she can roll. Yup. She gets on her belly, pushes her self up with her hands and spinse herself 360 degrees until she is aimed at what she wants and then she rolls to it. It's pretty great. She also enjoys standing while being supported and is getting quite good at it.

What She Plays With:
She in increasingly becoming bored with the toys she has. We have one Baby Einstein cube that has different shapes on each side. it has doors to open, zippers to zip, things to pull, push and turn and it sings songs. She loves this. She really likes anything where she has to "discover things." She often rolls over to the baskets in our living room, tips them over and rifles through the contents, discovering treasures!
What She Likes:
She still loves water of any kind. She used to like to try to catch pouring water in her hands. Now she likes close her eyes, open her mouth and try to drink it. It's funny! She still likes to read but it doesn't keep her attention for quite as long these days. She loves to be outside and loves going for stroller rides. She likes music and often "dances" a.k.a. wiggles about in my arms when we're singing worship at church or listening to music at home. She loves her animals and loves to grab their fur and nuzzle in. We are constantly teaching her "gentle". But she hasn't gotten the hang of it yet and so the animals don't love her quite so much! She loves to eat! And she still likes sleeping. Two solid naps a day. Always asleep by 6:30 or 7pm and wakes anywhere between 7am and 8am.

Oh man, I forgot to mention two of her funniest likes. Ella likes to try to eat the floor...any floor...muckles right onto it. And she LOVES watching me flush the poop from her cloth diapers down the toilet. Get's a huge smile, giggle and flailing limb reaction every time!

What She Dislikes:

She doesn't love going in her car seat and fusses when you first put her in. But with a pacifier rides just find still. She's not content being contained for long in her jumper or exersaucer b/c she'd rather be rolling free! She doesn't like being changed and fusses until you give her a tube of lotion to play with and then she's happy as a clam. She's still not a big fan of being held by others...especially when mom or dad are in sight. But she's usually fine withing mintues if we disapear. She's getting better with it all the time.So that's our little girl these days. Such a joy!

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great update and beautiful pictures! It's amazing how much she changes in just a week or two! Hugs from grandma!!