Sep 21, 2009

Update on my Uncle

THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU for all of your prayers! My uncle's situation has been a heavy weight on my heart and while I'm still not breathing easy, things are definitely better!

The short story is...He is out of ICU and seems to be getting better! Praise the Lord!

The details are....After he "crashed" they put an arterial line in and were able to get him stabalized but he still had a rough night. They scoped him again and found no futher bleeding but did clip (kind of like staple shut) more of his bleeding ulcers. They checked his blood flow again and found no leaks. However, he had still been given 9 units of blood in 3 days.

However, he has continued to stabalize, and the bleeding seems to be decreasing. He was able to be moved out of the ICU. All he is hooked up to right now is a glucose/saline drip. That means all the other lines, including the ones giving him blood transfusions have been removed!

Here's praying that he can be well and home with his family very soon!!! Thank-you again for all your prayers! Please continue to pray him on to restored health and to get home to his family!

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