Sep 22, 2009

Hiking Mt. Major!

We're trying to cram in every bit of fun we can while this beautiful fall weather lasts. We got back to hiking two weeks ago and it felt great. The last time we hiked before that was when I was 7 months pregnant. Then we had a newborn in the winter, then the she was too small for the backpack in the spring, then we moved, then it was raining, then it was too hot to take her...oh how life changes with a little one! But we're back at it and loving it now!

Sunday after church we booked it over to Mt. Major in NH. I found out I'm in even better shape than I thought.We decided that we think we're doing great as doggie parents if our 9 year old Golden can hike this rocky trail.We're pretty sure that we've discovered that Ella likes hiking up more than she likes hiking down. And we're certain that she likes it better when Mommy backpack's her because she can play with my hair and bandanna!It was a fabulous day!!!

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