Oct 17, 2008

Oh My Aching Back

If you know me, then you also know my philosophy on being pregnant. I think it is a wonderful, normal, natural, God-designed part of being a woman. I think society and too many woman treat it like an illness where you need to lie around and do nothing for 9 months. Oh contraire! At the end of 40 weeks, you’ve got the biggest work out of your life! Would you lie around and not stay in shape for a marathon? I think not! I think pregnancy should not stop you from being active, staying in shape, doing what you love and living life!

Soooo, when J and I took our little chairlift ride up the mountain and the little disclaimer said, “Only those who are physically unable to walk down the mountain should ride the lift back down.” I thought: Physically unable? Me? What because I’m 7 months pregnant? NONSENSE! There shall be no riding down for this little mama. And so we hoofed it. Several people commented on my rotund belly that I was carrying down the mountain and little pride welled up inside of me as we passed them with speed.

Well, I’ll admit, pregnancy does change a few things. Like, apparently the extra weight in front puts a lot of extra strain on the back. Because after we got down and relaxed a little, the old back muscles had a chance to cool down and tighten up. When I went to move around again I was in some pretty intense pain. I took a hot shower, had J rub my back and got up and moving around again but nothing really touched it. That night I got hardly any sleep, the car ride home was torture, and I’ve been in pretty much constant contact with a heating pad ever since.

But would I do it again? You betcha! I’m THAT stubborn! :)


Amy said...

If you're ever down this way, let us know....Jared'll give you one on the house :o)

Oh, and about breastfeeding, the commitment at the beginning is important because it's not always easy. But it's SOOOO worth it!
When people say they're going to "try to breastfeed" it seems like they usually don't succeed. You need total commitment. I'm excited for you! You'll do great!

Cheryl said...

Yeah, I can't believe you did that. I'm kind of surprised you didn't pop that baby out early right there on the side of the mountain! Take it easy on your back, kiddo. Hey, you could do this again next year and let Jason carry the bambino down the mountain! :-)

meaningfulalbums said...

I can relate, girl! When I climbed Mt. Blue I was also 7 months preggo and then I had to sleep in a tent that night! It was definitely my pride and stubbornness that got me up that mountain! Oh, and the fact that I took a break about every 20 steps. I have now decided that a nice warm rice pad is the key to a happy pregnancy. ; )