Oct 17, 2008

5th Anniversary

It was wonderful! True to my word, the day we got there, I entered the hotel room and did not leave it for the rest of the evening. We just rested and vegged out, got our fill of cable TV for the year, and ordered take out to eat in our room.

The second day we slept in to our hearts content, ate donuts for breakfast that we bought along the way, and then took our time browsing a huge arts and crafts show. In the afternoon we took a ride up the super-quad and walked down the mountain! The weather was amazing and the views were glorious. We got lunch from my fave place on the Mt., D’Ellies and had a little picnic outdoors. More vegging followed and then we capped the night off with dinner out.

On Monday, we slept in to our hearts content once again and then headed home on rejuvenated and reconnected!

Oh, and I'm not even kidding...As we were packing to leave, Jason bent over to zip his suitcase and when he stood up he hit his head so hard on an overhanging shelf that it knocked him backwards, he swore and it split his head open. After applying much pressure and checking it out, we decided it did not warrant stitches. But it was close people!

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Cheryl said...

Oh that poor man. He is just too darn tall sometimes! I love that picture of you two on the chairlift! Glad you had a good weekend.