Oct 24, 2008

Don't Hate Me But....

...I'm done with my Christmas shopping. Yes, you read correctly. Done. And the ones that are at my house and not arriving my mail because I ordered them online are wrapped. Beautifully wrapped, I might add.

Now a few disclaimers....We only do one present per person. We love to give but we believe Christmas is not about material things, but about the birth of our Savior and we prefer to keep the focus on Him. So we don't have ALL that much to buy.

Also, I love buying gifts for others and LOVE wrapping presents more than is probably normal so it's not a chore for me at all.

And lastly, I usually get it all done early so that I can just decorate and sit back and really focus on the meaning of the Season, but it's usually not THIS early. It is THIS early because I am determined to be as thoroughly prepared for baby as we can be so that before and after baby arrives we can totally focus on her!

1 comment:

Krissy said...

You might be asking a lot for people not to be a little disgusted (if that is the right word) about you being done shopping!!!
Beyond that, GOOD FOR YOU! It is smart that you get it done pre-baby!