Oct 24, 2008

My Friend's Wedding

So after the baby shower Jason and I headed off to my friend Noelle's wedding. It was one of the most fun I've been to and I'm super excited for them as I think they are a fantabulous couple!

She had all of the guests hum the bridal march as she walked down the aisle and that pretty much set the tone for the whole wedding. There was much laughter and lots of dancing. I got to catch up with high school friends I hadn't seen in forever. AND there was a free photo booth that we had WAY too much fun with. I'll try to post the pictures when I have the time to scan them on.

Here we are all decked out for the festivities and here's a photo I stole off of Noelle's blog :)


Krissy said...

I really enjoyed the humming the wedding march part, it was genius!!

Anonymous said...

The wedding march hum was purely serendipity - the genius of Amber Small... In all the planning, I forgot to have outdoor music on my to-do list. So, during the rehearsal, Amber and the wedding party hummed the march. It was PERFECT and I completely agree, it set the tone. We can be serious when we need to be, but this day was all about joy for us!