Oct 7, 2008


Check out my doula at her website, Your Birth Connection

So we’ve hired ourselves a doula! We hired the doula that taught our hypno-birthing class to continue our care and to attend our birth. We love her. She is funny and super laid back and tells it like it is. She is just the personality I think we’ll need. Not to mention she has 23 years of experience and many stories of how she used creative ways to help moms birth naturally and prove skeptical medical doctors wrong when they came in and said things like “I’ll give you another half an hour but I don’t think you can push this baby out.”

At first Jason did not want a doula because he though then there would be nothing left for him to do. But then we met Evelyn and he really likes her and he’s come full circle. Now he wants her there and he’s relieved because he knows that she’s not going to take his place, she’s going to help him. She’ll be there to tell him what he can do to help me when he has no clue :) and she’ll be there to explain things to us and talk to us about risks and benefits and natural options that we can try before any medicine or medical intervention is used. Oh! We’re just so excited.

And she’s not just there for the birth. We meet with her regularly up until the birth so that she can get to know us and take on our values and help create the birth experience that we want. Not to mention that fact that she’s going to do hypnosis sessions with me to help me to continue to prepare to hypno-birth AND she’ll be there to help me with hypno-birthing every step of the way during labor. I’m very excited for all this! Here is her website. Check it out!

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