Oct 10, 2008

Belated Anniversary

Since our actual anniversary involved one big 'ol fight, stuffing the last of our belongings in our car as we moved out of our home and many tears on my part as I said goodbye to the house I love, we decided to celebrate our anniversary a little belated.

We knew that Jason would have a three day weekend, that we would be moved into our new place and that we would desperately need a weekend to relax, reconnect and regroup before we bring a child into this world. Boy were we right!

So this weekend, we shall be enjoying the fall foliage and each other at the Sugarloaf Inn. Can't wait!


Esther said...

awww, how fun! Great to get away before the baby comes!!! Happy anniversary and hope you've had a fabulous time.

Cheryl said...

Happy "babymoon"! Hope you two are having a wonderful time at Sugarloaf. Hunter is being a good boy at grandma's. :-)