Oct 17, 2008

Baby FUN!

So here's a picture of me on our weekend away (I'm almost 33 weeks here).
Also, I had a BALL decorating Ariella's room on Tuesday. I bought letters and painted them and then found these butterflies and dragonflies and painted them as well. Then I put them on the wall and hand painted in between them to make them look like they are flying around the room and create a border. I am more than ecstatic about the way it turned out! The only thing left is to get an insulated blind for the window and create some kind of art to put above the changing table.


Cheryl said...

Such a beautiful mommy and a beautiful room, too! I love how you made it look like the butterflies and dragonflies are flying around. Very sweet.

meaningfulalbums said...

It looks great Sarah! And you are so gosh darn creative! I need to do something on the walls in our nursery, but we just finally got things semi-finished today. I'm just happy there's a floor and a crib! Anyway, I'll be posting pics soon and perhaps you can give me some ideas for the walls!

Angie Cousins said...

The room looks great- I love how the butterflies and dragonflies turned out- so cute! Glad too that you guys had a fun, relaxing time away together!