Jan 3, 2011

A Sewing Miracle

Check back a few posts and you'll see that I've been in quite the baby fever funk. I've been feeling a little less than motivated. Lately when nap time rolls around I'm like, "Hmmm, what should I do? Dishes? Laundry? Sweep? Mop? Organize? Exercise? Yeah, sitting on the couch eating Christmas candy and watching the only channel that slighty comes in sounds like a great choice." And then I do that.
But today, in a miraculous flurry of activity and inspiration I powered right through nap time and mended every single item that had been sitting in a heap for...some of them...years! And after that I just whipped up this little number:
I kid you not. This is nothing short of a sewing miracle straight from God himself! Considering I had no pattern whatsoever, I just decided to pop in to Marden's this morning on the way home from Waterbabies class (A.K.A. Hell...more on that later) to pick out the yellow and green accent fabric without the main fabric even in hand, and I totally taught myself how to do ruffles from a spur of the moment web tutorial this is nothing shy of A-MA-ZING. I cannot believe how finished looking it is! From the perfectly coordinated colors to the pockets to the hems to the adorable ruffles, I'd say this is my finest sewing creation yet!You see, Ella loves to bake and cook and wear an apron like mommy. I just packed away her Christmas one... and the one we bought her when we were in North Conway, upon further inspection, is a poorly sewn giant piece of poo....so she needed a new one. I've had the dragonfly fabric my mom gave me for forever and I've been putting this together for months in my head. I just never thought I'd get around to it today and never dreamed it would come out this nice! Yay for little blessings like that!


Jessica said...

Love it! I bought this same fabric! I love it! I just couldn't pass it up. Now all I need is a little girl to go with it! Just love those dragonflies!

Cheryl said...

That is just beautiful! Hooray for you and your sewing miracle! And hooray for tutorials online. That's where I go when I forget how to do any kind of knitting or crochet stitch. Love you! :-)

Karen said...

There is no greater feeling than creating a beautiful and usable piece of art! Very nice job, Sarah-Susie Homemaker!

anxiousknitter said...

Lovely little apron with some gorgeous bright colors to ward off the gloomy winter months! Very inspiring, Sarah - would you teach me??? I have ZERO patience for sewing which seems strange since I love to knit and that requires remarkable patience at times! Cheers to you!