Jan 14, 2011


I feel a bit like I'm living in a Norman Rockwell painting today.
First Ella and I went and visited our friends who just had their third little girl Maggie Kate. Oh is she precious! Ella liked her toes and the little noises she made.
Megan mentioned playing in the snow when we were there and Ella just had to do that when we got home. We suited all up and romped in a winter wonderland with Hunter our Golden retriever. We climbed the snow banks, made snow angels and dug a "bear cave". She did NOT want to come inside.
Warm sandwiches and hot chocolate enticed her and we ate a lovely lunch together. Then upstairs it was to read stories and go night-night. Not even one bit of a fuss from her. She gave her baby all the special hugs and kisses we give her and then lingered on each kiss and hug before this mama left the room. I am blessed!
One large part of why I am blessed is because I finally feel well again (This whole house has been sick on and off since Thanksgiving)! I finally have the energy to tromp in the snow and be a fun and patient mommy again. That credit goes solely to one Dr. Lebro and his natural pharmacy. He cleared up in 48 hours what two medical doctors and Zythromax could not. More on him and my journey to wellness to come!

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