Jan 15, 2011

Operation Finish the Flippin' Kitchen!

It's true. Operation Finish the Flippin' Kitchen is not only in full swing; it's in phase 2: Lower Cabinets with phase 1: Upper cabinets already complete! (No I won't show you those until the whole thing is done! Ha...aren't I evil?)
I set a deadline, Feb. 13th. Why that day? Because I want to be able to cook my honey a fabulous Valentine's Day meal? NO. Because that's the year anniversary of when we closed on this home and I won't be able to stand myself if the kitchen is not done within one year.
So this is the contents of my lazy susan and spice rack. I can't even begin to tell you how stressed this makes me...having it all cluttered on my counter. Oh man. Must move on... Jason is Ice Fishing with friends today and with his dad tomorrow. Ella gets to spend time at Grandma and Nanny's house. And I get to paint the cabinets. Hmmm, I'm feeling like I got the short end on that one. No, truly, we agreed on that. You see, Jason is the hardest working man I've ever known. But his kind of work is all muscle and mine is all detail. Let's face it...redoing cabinets is detail work. And so here we are. I've cleaned, sanded and applied the primer. Only 3 more coats of white to go! And then another 4 more on the back sides of the doors. SWEET! Only 7 more coats to go!

What, you ask, do I plan to do with myself during the 4 hour drying time between each of those 7 coats. Well, let me tell you. I plan to do any of the following things and enjoy every second:
  • Blog about this experience
  • Watch any of the 3 movies I rented from Redbox
  • Eat candy that I bought to reward myself for each coat
  • Savor my last Charles Martin Book
  • Stay up late
  • Sleep in as long as I want
  • Eat food and drink beverages by myself while they're still hot without sharing them with a toddler.
  • Sit and do nothing...with no toddler running around (yup...I'll do A LOT of that one!)
And why, you ask, did I take all of these pictures? To remind myself to NEVER, EVER do this again. AGAIN you say? Yes, I do say. You see we did this in the last house we owned. Want to see pictures? Well, I do! Because quite frankly that's the only think keeping me going on this project right now. Here...look how beautiful: (sorry I have no idea where the before pictures are, but suffice it to say they were DARK 70's wood, aweful 70's countertops, a harvest yellow stove...Oh, and we knocked out a wall and added the island. )
PS: I never got to enjoy those there counter tops. We installed them so that we could put our house on the market. I was secretly hoping that house wouldn't sell and I'd get to stay and enjoy all the projects we finally finished in order to put it on the market. Okay, so maybe I wasn't so secretive about my hopes. But GO figure! In a super stinky real estate slump where houses were sittin gon the market for YEARS on end, that cute little turn key ranch sold in 4 days flat!
I think I should get new counter tops this time 'round and actually get to use them. What do you think?


Cheryl said...

You definitely deserve to stick around in this house long enough to enjoy your new kitchen cabinets, and I hope you get to have new countertops someday, too! And, by the way... Ella and I had a wonderful day today, and I don't think I got to sit down once! :-) And after getting her bundled in her snowsuit, boots, hat and mittens to play outside, I had a renewed appreciation for moms of young children!!! :-)

Diane said...

Brian & I also had a wonderful visit with Ella & Jason. I will send you a couple of pictures of her all bundled up snacking on animal crackers in the ice fishing shack!

Cheryl said...

OK, when do we get to see pictures of the finished project? Also Ella's swimming lessons and the sticky bun baking, please! I don't ask for much, huh? :-)