Jan 30, 2011

Ella's First Catch!

C'mon now, what two year old DOESN'T love ice fishing? Well, we've been doing our darndest to raise our first born so that she'd have a fully instilled love of all things fishy well before she could crawl, walk, or even speak. I'd say we've been doing pretty well.

She's got mad hand eye coordination skills that I'd say rival most 5 years olds. She can snag her magnetic fish with her play fishing pole quick as a lick. She nabs any of her floating fish in the tub in the blink of an eye and she scoops shiners out of the bait bucket with ridiculous ease. We're teaching her well because when she goes for the bait bucket she points to the biggest one, says "I get the big one!" And proceeds to net that very one!

She frequently asks to "go fishin". We've been taking her as often as it's not super freezing and the wind won't whip her away. And when I say "we" I mean Jason. Becuase hey, every girl needs a little daddy fishin' time. (Read: Praise the Lord for a great daddy so mommy gets a break and doesn't have to go freeze her butt off!)

Well, today folks. Ella brought home her VERY first ice fishing catch! A Yellow Perch with quite the large fin and some really pretty coloring! So proud! She wanted to "bring it home, show mommy!". Melt my heart! (Did you notice the hot chocolate in hand. Hot chocolate is also a very big part of the ice fishing experience. Are you sensing a theme with our child and hot chocolate? Because there is one!)


Diane said...

So glad that she shares her Dad's passion for fishing! Love the pictures!!

Cheryl said...

Oh so cute! Yay for Ella's first fish. :-)