Nov 29, 2010


I love Christmas. There are no two ways about it. I love the whole season. In our home, we strive to make it a season of peacefulness, reflection, gratitude and giving. I love nothing more than to have greenery throughout the house, candles glowing, white lights twinkling, yumminess baking and a manger scene in every nook and cranny! Even after 4 days away, two thanksgiving, two birthdays and our whole family getting sick, I couldn't help but bust out the decorations!
Last night was the first night of advent. Sure, it's still a bit lost on Ella, but she does love to light the candles and open the door to the advent calendar. And her most requested song these days is "baby jesus song." (Born in Bethlehem by Third Day)Ella aslo really enjoys playing with the manger scenes and can often be heard saying, "I pay (play) baby jesus". This is our "giving basket" filled with homemade applebutter to give away during the season. We'll involve Ella and teach her about giving by letting her hand them out.
This year, as in every other, our pennies are pinched. But once again, we feel so blessed and provided for in every way! Spiritually, emotionally, socially, and materially! Praise God! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a banister to drape garland down! I've always wanted one! This is the biggest tree we've ever gotten! Our celings are 9 ft. high if that gives you some perspective. Oh how I wish I could send the smell of fresh pine right through cyberspace into your home! And we have a hearth to decorate! A hearth with a cozy roaring fire beneath it. We ar so fortunate and I am grateful every second of every day...realizing that none of it is mine. It is on lend from the Great Providor and I am just it's steward for a short time.

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