Dec 2, 2010

Cold Turkey

It was all fun and games...until reality set in.

You see, since the age of one, Ella was only allowed her paci's in the crib or car. A few months ago we eliminated the car clause with not so much as a whimper. And we're finally going all in...or all out I guess, and eliminating the paci's all together. We decided to do this because she's been biting them and I'm so afraid that she'll bite a hunk off and it will choke her in her sleep. Also, even though we've always used the orthodontic ones, I just don't want anything potentially messing up her teeth. They've not yet, so better to stop while we're ahead.

You see we've been talking about this for a month now. That when she has her "Happy Birthday To You" party, she'll be 2...a big girl! She won't need paci's anymore. We'll give them to baby Addi, because only babies need pacis.

I didn't know how much she's understand. But she'd periodically bring it up and shove her pacifiers in my face saying, "I give to baby Addi!". So she's had her birthday bashes. We waited until the day after I watch another little girl and now it's go time. We made a big deal, colored a package, wrapped it up, put bows on it and shipped it off to her dear friend Baby Addi (who incidentally does not even use paci's.) She had a blast and was so excited to give them away to her!

But I knew it wasn't going to be that easy. It was about the time that I said we were getting ready for her nap that she realized her beloved paci's were long gone and that meant she wouldn't have them for nap! She shot me a glance that can only be described by the caption, "OH CRAP. They're really gone!" Then began the incessant asking, "I go get paci's!" "I need my paci!" "I go Addi's house get paci's!"

Distraction was key.
  • We made a big deal about her getting to wear her NEW pink monkey pajamas. That bought me about 10 minutes.
  • And thank goodness one of her favorite books (Papa's song) had her smiling and giggling and making all the sound effects. And all on her own she pointed to Baby Bears mouth at the end and said in a suprised tone, "Baby Bear no have paci!" So we made a huge deal about Baby bear being a big boy, and not needing a paci and still being sound asleep. That bought me another 15 min.
  • Then began the tucking in. Her pillow placed just so. She telling me where to put each specific blanket..."Dis one on piwow. Dis one nuggle (next to her to snuggle). Dis one covew up (cover he up)." This went on for quite some time with at least 8 blankets. 4 of which she specified which order they were to be laid over her! She then asked to have each stuffed animal removed from the crip, "Take dat out, take dat one out, take that one out.....". I was headed for the door with them all when she specified that she wanted them in the closet..."Put dem in dere (pointing to closet door)". That bought me another 5...maybe 10 minutes.
Thus far we're 10 minutes in. She cried for her paci for about five. Oh rip my heart out! Then she cried for her doll, which I brought her. And now she's quiet. And I'm crossing my fingers!

I know I'm coddling her, but this is s tough transition...probably just as tough on me as it is on her. Be strong! I keep telling myself. Be strong! Wish us well!


anxiousknitter said...

Oh, dear! We were fortunate in one way, Nate gave up his paci on his own at about 8 mos - he's been a two-finger boy ever since. Now we are trying to wean him since we're worried about the formation of his teeth. *sigh* He only does it at snuggle time and just as he's laying down for bed. I really don't have the heart to make him stop!

Cheryl said...

Oh, that's so hard! Poor Ella! I know the time had to come, but still, it just seems like such a hard thing to ask a little toddler to do.
Now can you help me give up my dog and my house?

Diane said...

We are so proud of Ella. She is so sweet!