Dec 21, 2010

The Christmas Card that Keeps On Giving!

Welp, you may think this a little lame, but in order to stay within a tight budget and give more to the needy...we've opted out of mailing Christmas cards this year. I'm sure we'll resume in the future when we have a little more to go around to all things. But this year our hearts have been pierced deeper than ever before by the plight of the needy and we simply put priority on that. We would like to share some fab pictures of our little munchkin that I took and some family pictures taken by the fabulous Barbara Tobey (you can also find her here) that would have totally made it on the card!The money we saved in different ways went to to help dig a well to provide clean water to children as well as help provide assistance to needy families in our community...see, and by you being okay with not getting a card this helped make that happen!!!

Here's an idea how an amount that seems so small to us can be so BIG in the lives of others...
Between the photo cards, envelopes and stamps (a mere $25-$35),

that's enough money to provide:

  • more than $200 dollars worth of food to starving children in other countries

  • two months worth of safe shelter, food, counseling, and healthcare for an abused or exploited child

  • a month'ss worth of safe haven, food, healthcare, and education to an AIDS orphan

  • seeds, tools, hoes, watering cans and training on how to produce food for families facing famine or crop failure

  • a month of healthcare, food, trauma care and vocational training for rescued child soldiers

Think about it. Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and help someone less fortunate do the same!


Cheryl said...

I love the pictures! And the reason you aren't sending out cards. Of course, I have no excuse.

Diane said...

Those big blue eyes just melt my heart!! She is so beautiful!