Dec 10, 2010

She's a Sharp One!

Last night I was finishing wrapping Christmas Presents and Ella was curious. When I showed her the three that are for her she was quite excited. The following conversations ensued.
ELLA: Ella present! My open it!
ME: No sweetie, you can't open them yet. They are Christmas presents. We have to wait until Christmas.
(Pause, Ella looking confused and me pondering how to explain that to her a little more.)
ME: You know the calendar that we open one door each day?
ELLA: Yeah.
ME: Once we open all the doors, then it will be Christmas and we can open the presents.
ELLA: (Pausing while the wheels in her head were obviously turning.) I GO OPEN DOORS ON CALENDAR!!! (she exclaims as she turns on heel and runs for the calendar)

I'm tellin' ya...this one, she's a sharp one! Oh we got the biggest kick out of that!

Also of note. When I told her it was her daddy's birthday she busted out into quite the round of "Happy Birthday to Daddy!" all on her own. She even sang it to him again when I called him on the phone. You could tell he was touched. He said he'd like to have it on video. I've yet to accomplish that task as she is only interested in seeing herself on the camera these days....not on being on the other side of it!

She also counted to ten today. I know it's just recitation, but I think it's pretty great!


Diane said...

Ella is so smart! You are such a good Mom, Sarah! Love you!

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

(Sorry for deleting. I wanted to post with my new picture!)
Hey, counting to ten is great! And I love that she's singing so much now. That's so neat! Especially happy birthday to her daddy. How sweet!
The bit about running to open the doors on the Advent calendar to hasten the opening of presents... priceless!!! :-)