Dec 25, 2010


A Christmas Miracle DID occur (okay maybe the antibiotics started kicking the strep's butt)...either way, I got my voice back! Sure it's deep and raspy...but I'll take it over literally only being able to whisper and not being able to swallow!

I hope Your Christmas has been wonderful. Despite being sick, mine's been great and will continue for one more day tomorrow with my side of the fam! I'll be nestling in to sleep here shortly but here's the happenings thus far.

For the first time since the first year we were married, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in our own home! Now that Ella is old enough to understand, we decided to being creating our own family traditions.

Christmas Eve we spent a lazy day at home. Ella helped me bake cupcakes for Jesus' Birthday (New family tradition #2). It was so sweet to hear her as she lay in bed for her nap. Here's how it went:
"Happy Birfday to Jeee-sus. Happy Birfday to Jeee-sus. Jesus have cupcake? K. Ella have cupcake too. K? K." OH. MY. GOSH. Too cute for words.
Jason and Ella went to a friends for dinner while I kept my germs away and rested.
We had our last day of advent (advent being new family tradition #1) singing, opening the calendars, lighting the last white candle and celebrating Jesus' Birthday.
See the cupcakes in the shape of a "J"?
She really liked the cupcakes!
Then Ella opened one present...that being new Christmas P.J.'s (New family tradition #3) and put them on to snuggle and read Christmas stories before bed.
Christmas Morning we turned on the lights, hit the Christmas music and spent time taking turns opening stockings and then presents. Not wanting it to be about tons of STUFF, it doesn't take us long. Jason and I each get one for each other and Ella had three. Of course Hunter is never left out! He loves his flying squirrel.
Then we brewed the coffee, Daddy cooked up a nice hot breakfast and we spent time savoring and playing with Ella's new toys. Now I can't be quite certain but I THINK Ella may have enjoyed her big present...a playhut structure with multiple "houses" and tunnels. You judge for yourself by the picture!
Oh, how we loved our own little family Christmas.
And oh, how we also love going to be with family too. So we did just that. We hit the road to Jason's side of the family where we took this lovely little picture. There's never a shortage of toys, food and fun. Ella has such a blast and often talks about "Nanny & Gammpy, Auntie Ewin, and Unca Adam"
And tomorrow it's off to celebrate with my side of the family. She'll no doubt be singing "To Gamma's house we go" in the car and she's already talked about "Auntie Den, Danie (Jen's horse), and Unca Geg". Looks like we may get snowed in by this incoming blizzard for longer than we had originally planned. Oh well. We'll see how it goes. Good thing we brought the snow gear and sled!

Hope you all are having a happy, healthy, merry Christmas!

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Maggie said...

Aww! These photos are great! We stayed in too, though it was kinda situationally necessary, but we loved it. :) I love the idea of the birthday cake/cupcakes too...I'm thinking we might start doing that when we have kiddos as well. :)