Dec 13, 2010

Reading to Monkey

Today after we read books in our pre-nap routine, Ella took the book and said, "Ella sit in own rockin' chair. I read to monkey."

She then proceeded to read MANY books to Mr. Monkey AND let me take pictures! It was priceless and thus nap was pushed back a few. "Pola Beah, Pola Beah,Wha you heah?"
The way she says it is Adorable. Priceless. Beyond words.
Oh what's that? You can't see the pictures? Here. Let me give you a close up.
I went for a while without many Ella posts at all and now I think I'm making up for it. She's just so cute! She's growing so fast and doing so many things that I cannot begin to tell of them all. But she is being a little more compliant with picture taking these days so I've managed to snap a few!


Cheryl said...

These are precious! That is so cool that she is reading to her monkey. I know she's putting off nap time, but it's still really cute! Grandma Fern will be happy to see her enjoying that chair. :-)

Cheryl said...

I just can't stop coming back to look at these sweet pictures over and over again!

Diane said...

She so reminds me of Auntie Erin in these photos!! Auntie Erin always loved to read to her stuffed animals. or anyone else who would listen. Thanks for sharing!!