Nov 20, 2010


I sure didn't break any land speed records, but I accomplished my goal: Finish 5k. Don't walk. I actually ran it 2 minutes faster than I'd ever run it in training. I also took second place in my age group! (No. I will not tell you how many people were in my age group, but it was more than 2! I'll go to my grave with the secret! You'll never know!...unless you look up the results on but whatev!)

All of that, and I'd only run once in the last month! I feel pretty darn good 'bout that!

You see the Oct. 30th race that I was diligently training for was canceled!!! I found out like 3 days before the race. I was quite disappointed and promptly sat my bum on my couch and ate cookies...Then I got sick...then I got better...then I contemplated finding another race...then I ate some more cookies while watching America's Next Top Model...then I found a race and signed up for it....then I got sick...then I got better....then I ran once...then I went to the race this morning.

Here's my super expert race report:
-I was really stinkin' nervous. I peed aproximately 100,000 times in the 1/2 hour before the race.
-It was a low key race. The gun went off and so did I.
-I started at what felt like my normal pace. I passed some people. I liked that.
-At probably the 1/2 mile mark I thought, "Whoah Nelly, simmer down. I don't think you can keep this up for another 2 1/2 miles."
-One woman I had passed, then passed me. I didn't like that.
-I saw a deer run through the woods. It was pretty.
-There were no mile markers. I had never seen the course before. I had no idea how far I'd gone and I was kind of hurtin'.
-I decided to try to keep pace with the woman ahead of me in a turqoise shirt. That was helpful.
-I got to a point where I was pretty sure I had not long to go and thought. "Oh wow, it's almost over. That was fast. I'll pick it up a little."
-Right at the finish line my hubby and little lady were cheering me on. That was the best!
-I finished in 33:18 and felt totally great and thought, "I probably could have run faster. Yay me!"
-Then Ella ran into my arms. That was THE best.
-Then she ran in circles and said, "I runnin'! Mama do it too!" And then I ran in circles with Ella. That was THE best best!

I'd like to also give the hugest shout out to my friend Krissy who ran today as well and accomplished her goal! We started this together and we saw it through to the end! I think I was more excited when I saw her cresting over the last hill than I was when I saw the finish line myself! There was hugging. There were tears. It was fabulous. I'm hooked! So which race are we running next Krissy!?
Here's some photos!
Me, super duper nervous, putting on a corny happy face before walking out the door!And they're off!Woo Hoo! Coming down the home stretch being cheered on by my two loves! Smiling for the camera. (Thanks for the great pictures hon!)And finishing! Yay!Here's Krissy coming down the homestretch. Here's Krissy when we told her the finish line was just around the corner! I do believe she yelled an explative and took off like lightning! Love it!And here we are. Happy, accomplished, and with ribbons none the less!Did I mention Krissy really likes ribbons!?


Amy said...

SARAH!!!! I'm so stinkin' proud of you, woman!!!
And Crissy, too!!!
Way to go! Can't wait to hear what's next!

Angie Cousins said...

Way to go!!! Man, I wish I got a ribbon for my race!:)

Heather said...

Great job Sarah and Krissy! I'm proud of you both!!

anxiousknitter said...

Wow, Sarah!! I'm so proud of you! You're very inspiring! :)

Cheryl said...

Yay! So impressed with both you and Krissy! Glad you blogged about this momentous event. :-) And you added MUSIC to your blog! Cool. Love it. Oops, guess not. That was someone else's blog playing in the background. LOL!

Krissy said...

Sarah, what an excellent recap! And folks, she really did dart into the bathroom umpteen times before the race. :) It was really challenging overall especially where there was no markers to let you know approximately how far you were into the course. I did not see the deer, probably because I was too distracted by trying not to pass out! (Just Kidding! well sort of) It was amazing to have Sarah, both of our husbands and Ella cheering me on at the home stretch. You are the BEST!!! I am unbelievably happy we did this together.
I was thinking that there is a 2.5k in Feb that I may try for just to keep me on track, but then set my sights on a 5k later in the spring. What do you think? Any suggestions from the "crowd"?