Nov 23, 2010

A Thankful Heart

Our (many) bags are packed and we're ready to go! After a lovely accountability time with two of my fave ladies, this little family is hitting the road for Thanksgiving. We're visiting some friends we don't get to see often, stopping at Nanny's house for two days and then off to Gamma's house for another few. Although traveling can wear us out, we're excited to kick off this Holiday season and we're going to focus on all the fun things about raod trips!

This time of year more than any other has me focusing on all the things I am grateful for. Although life is not without stresses and struggles at times, the stresses and struggles I deal with PALE in comparison to 99% of the world. My heart is bursting with gratitude for all that I am blessed with. It leaves me humbled thinking, why me? Why was I born into my family, in this country, with this health, with all the opportunities I've been afforded all my life? Why have I been so blessed with this husband, this daughter, this church, these friends, this home? I won't sit here and ponderm that too long. I'll just thank God for it, and do all that I can do to use what I've been given to help others.

My heart is so thankful. And we are being intentional in cultivating a thankful heart in our little love. When I asked Ella what she wants to thank God for this is what she said:
Gamma's house
dis food
a mountin
happy birfday you

I have no words for what that does to my heart. No words! What are you thankful for!?

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Cheryl said...

That's beautiful! She is growing and changing and learning so much, and developing such a sweet spirit.
I am thankful for my family! Also for God's love, forgiveness, and grace; food and shelter; the freedom to worship God; and so many more things, many that we take for granted every day: hot and cold running water, electricity, heat, a car that gets me where I need to go, my dogs who keep me company, I could go on and on! We are so blessed!