Nov 15, 2010

My Worst Nightmare

Well folks, it finally worst nightmare came true. We had a potluck (the TRUE kind where nobody tells anyone else what they're brining) might want to sit down for this...every single person brought ORANGE JELL-O. Seriously. I'm still a little traumatized. Trying to recover from the horror.

Actually, it was a joke...on me. And quite funny when I actually picked up on it. You see, my fabulous husband planned a little birthday lunch get-together yesterday afternoon...unbenonced to me (I figured it out 'bout an hour before hand). As our friends started arriving one by one, they each put a bowl of orange jell-o on the counter. In my head I was totally thinking, "Oh my gosh this is a disaster! How in the world would everybody bring the SAME thing!? And orange Jell-o no less!?" But on the outside I was all smiles and, "Oh my gosh, you brought some too!? That's so funny." Until it finally dawned on me that this was just a cruel trick! Yeah, it's a bit of an inside joke, but suffice it to say that I'm a Type A personality and the mere thought of an unplanned pot luck sends me right into hyperventalation...and my friends all know it!

Really it was a wonderful afternoon. I felt very loved by my husband for planning the whole thing and very loved by everyone coming. We had a lovely lunch and then dug into a 3 layer german chocolate cake (my fave) made from scratch (frosting AND cake) by my fab. hubby.

Then we got to turn the spotlight on some of our friends and bless them with a gift...which if you ask me...was the best part of the whole day!


Cheryl said...

An All Orange Jello potluck! How fun! :-) Not only is your sweet hubby very thoughtful and a good cook, he's got a sense of humor, too! You are one blessed woman, kiddo.

Karen said...

I love that the dish was orange jello! What did you do with it all?