Nov 10, 2010

Feed Him!

When I first started dating Jason and found out he hunted, I was all, "Oh my gosh I can't believe you kill Bambie's mom! I'm not sure I can be with such a heartless human." But after looking into the matter, thinking critically about it, and having many a conversation with my boss (Ron) at the time, I hath changed my views. Now I'm all, "You getcha deah yet?"

I could still never pull the trigger myself...but once someone's already done the dirty work I'm good to go. In fact back in college, still working at the country store under Ron's tutilage, I was known to slap a buck knife in my back pocket, jump up on the back of any old pick-up, slit beneath the hocks, tag 'em and string 'em up to weigh 'em. And now that I've got a stud of a hubby who'll shoot 'em for me, I've learned a few good venison recipes along the way.

This afternoon was the first time Jason's has had time to hunt. He got home at 3pm and went right out. I prayed that he would get one. At 3:39 I heard one shot ring out. "Oh I hope that was Jason!" I thought.

Then Jason busted through the door at 4:45pm today and exclaimed, "40 minutes in and my hunting season is over!" Sure enough, the 3:39 shot was his. Thus endeth Jason's 4 year deer drought. And there couldn't be a better year for it. We don't hunt for trophy, we hunt for meat and we could really use it right now.

Ella could see we were all excited and started jumping up and down. We told her, "Daddy got a deer!" To which she exclaimed, "I go see it!" Having already raised a child who loves fishing and hikes mountains on her own, we wanted to add this to her list of outdoorswoman extrordinair qualitities. We bundled up, grabbed a flashlight and headed outside. She looked at it for a second with no big to do and then said, "I go back."

Later in the house, Ella continued to jump around and say, "I saw daddy's deer!" I asked her what we were going to do with it. She thought long and hard and then said, "Put it in the trailer!" I told her it was already in the trailer and asked again what we were going to do with it. Again, she thought long and hard and said, "I go feed him apples!"

Well, bummer sweetie. It's not like Auntie Jen's horse. We can't feed him anymore, but he can feed us!

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Cheryl said...

Aw, that's so cute! You have me chuckling with that "feed him apples" comment. :-) And yay, Jason! Way to go!