Aug 4, 2010

Summer Fun

I absolutely LOVE having a child that wants to be "OW-SIGH!" (outside) ALL the time! 18 months has been such a fabulous age to experience the summer! We've done so much! We play outside in the yard and in her kiddie pool tons! I cannot tell you how many naked baby butt pictures I have! Ooooo! So darn cute. (But I absolutely won't post them for just anyone to see so you'll have to just imagine!) We go to playgrounds and local beaches. We have playdates and take walks. We take day trips and even took our first tent camping trip with her. Here are just a few pictures from all of our adventures!

A Trip to Great Island Commons in New Castle
The rocks were "ouchie". She loved the sea water even though it was freezing! And burrying baby was a blast!

Our Weekend Camping Trip to Sebego Lake State Park
Coffee with daddy in the morning was the best. Mommy's big swing called a hammock was super fun. And she couldn't get enough of the water. We've no pictures to prove that last one because she became such a dare devil in the water it took two of us to keep her safe!

Tea for Three During a Play Date With Some Good Friends.
None of this was orchestrated by the adults. It was all them! So cute!

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Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing all the sweetness!!! Cute, cute, cute! And she looks like a real camper now in her warm clothes. :-)