Aug 24, 2010

Providing for Our Lot

Today in Bible study we were talking about God providing for our even when it's not comfortable and we're in need, God always comes through...and it builds our faith.

I just have to share this timely example.

Ella is a growing girl and I recently stocked away mountains of 12month things. She's in 18months things right now but quickly headed towards 24 months. The seasons seem to be turning already and today I started to think about all of the things she will need! I started to become a little anxious thinking about the expense, as our monthly "Ella Budget" would surely not even cover a fraction of what she needs. I expressed my concern (read worry) to Jason and he suggested I check our bins of hand me downs to see what we had and then make a list of what she'll need from there so we can budget. (Don't you just love a non-emotional, level headed, wise husband some days!?)

OH. MY. WORD. It was like Jesus turning the 2 fish and 5 loaves into a feast for 5,000 all over again! I'm tellin' you stuff just kept on a comin' out of those bins! I would read the label and sure enough it said 24mo or 2T and over it flew into my little pile, until my pile was no little mole hill, but a monstrous mountain!

Yes. I seriously took a talley. All totalled we have:
33 pairs of pants
13 long sleeve shirts
11 short sleeve shirts
7 sweatshirts/sweaters
2 overalls
4 dresses
1 skirt
5 pairs of tights
dress shoes
and a snow suit!!!

I mean seriously! We need NOTHING! We have all we need and more!!! And it's all thanks to family and friends who have handed us down all of these things! Thank-you Kirsten! Thank-you Doreen! Thank-you Kristie! Thank-you Katie! Thank-you Jenny! Thank-you Diane! Thank-you Mom! Thank-you Lord for using all these people to provide for us and bless us!!!

With that said, if anyone out there needs some 24month girls pants....I've got a few I can spare :) Drop me a line!


Angie Cousins said...

We have experienced the same thing- at every stage and every season- from hand-me-downs and gifts and super clearance purchaces I made the year before! I always splurge and buy a few select new outfits that I can't resist- but it's amazing to me how God has provided! And now I'm consigning the kids clothes that are outgrown and using that money to buy "new" clothes at the consignment shop!

Angie Cousins said...

P.S. If you do ever find your stash lacking for a particular season just let me know as I'm sure we'll have some hand-me-downs (we've already given bags and bags of stuff to Steph and Jessie)!

anxiousknitter said...

We have been blessed as well by family and friends who have kicked in every season for clothes for the wild man. My SIL in FL shops year round for him and just before the turn of the season sends us a humongous care package. This year? She took care of just about everything...the only stuff I needed to get were shoes and underwear! Seriously, the kid has about 15 pairs of jeans alone! We'll just need a snowsuit and boots later in the fall. Blessed by many and grateful to all :) God does indeed provide!