Aug 8, 2010

7 Year Itch

Today marks our 7th Anniversary. And if the 7 year itch means the past seven years has just left you itching for more...then yup, I've got it!

I put on some fancy silver shoes and we celebrated last night with a lovely dinner at Oak St. Bistro which we've been dying to try. It was worth the wait! Definitely a great place to eat on very special occasions. We can now personally recommend the Scallops and Penne and the Baked Stuffed Haddock with Lobster Cream Sauce. Yummm!

Then we headed to the Hackmatack Playhouse which is literally 5 doors down the road from us! (How fortunate are we to have a Theater just down the way!?). We've also been dying to go to a show here. The atmosphere cannot be beaten! You park in a rolling green field dotted with old apple trees, wind your way through quanit, country gardens and sitting areas on your way to the door and plant yourself in a theater seat in the middle of a big, old, red barn. The large screen doors allow the night air to swirl around you and a live band provides the musical accompianiment for the play!

We saw Carousel and both agreed that the highlights of the show were
#1)Carrie played by (And Enock played by...and the whole dynamic between Carrie and Enoch in general)
#2)The Star Maker played by
#3)Julie played by

We also agreed that the one, but fairly significant lowlight was the actor who played Billy Bigelow. I mean sure, he was quite nice to look at (which is the ONLY, and believe me... not good enough, reason we could see that he was cast in this role) but the man would not carry a tune in a bucket! And if you know the show, then you know how many solos he has. Not good folks. Not good at all. However, that lowlight didn't spoil the show by any means. It was still worth every penny and I'd recommend Hackmatack over and over!

Oh what a fabulous anniversary! I pray for the years to experience many, many, many more with this wonderful man I get to call my husband!!!

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Life With My Boys..... said...

Congratulations my friend!! What a fun way to spend your anniversary, too! I would LOVE to go to something like that! Sounds like SO much fun!