Aug 26, 2010


Every girl needs a pair of pink rainboots for splooshing don't you think? We took advantage of the rain yesterday and Ella loved her first puddle jumping adventure. Of course the rubber boots are just for looks because she was SOAKED by the time she was done!!!

(P.S. She's currently putting her pacifier in a nalgene and giving it a "time-out" in the "corner". When I asked he why her paci was in time out she said, "No, no touch dat!". Apparantly paci was touching somthing dangerous! Hilarious!)


Krissy said...

Just wait until she gives you a time out! (Ben did that to Michelle because she threw an empty container into a different room)

I love puddle jumping! I wish had flashy boots like Ella.

Cheryl said...

I love the pink boots, and her priceless expression in that first picture! And the time out for her passie.... hilarious!

Krissy said...

P.S. I like your journal