Aug 20, 2010

10 Years Already

Ahhhhh...there's a breeze in the air, the sounds of pre-season practices echo off the bleachers at the local highschool we walk at, there are even a few trees beginning to show their colorful hues around our yard....and my 10 Year Highschool reunion is tomorrow! It all has me feeling quite nostalgic!

Highschool was a great experience for me overall (I know that's not the case for everyone). OF COURSE there are some things I would do differently if I had it to do over...but that's the nature of the teen years...nay, all of adolescence isn't it? Live and learn and be better for it.

I'm looking forward to the reunion. We've got a handful of people coming to a little playdate in the a.m. so we can meet each others kiddos. WOW. I LOVE children! They are SUCH an amazing gift. I've been reflecting on that a lot lately.

Then off to a fun dinner date with friends and on to the reunion. Really, I think I'll either love it or hate it. If it turns out to be a time of comparison, judgement and one-upmanship then I'll hate it. But I don't think it will. If it turns out to be a time of people coming together 10 years more mature with a bit of life under our belts, seeking to enjoy eachother's company, catch up on life and be happy for one another, well then I'll love it!
Here's to a fun weekend and a fabulous fall that I feel just around the corner!


Anonymous said...

YES! We had fun!!!!

Sarah said...

T'was a LOVELY time!