Jan 4, 2010

I'm Fat!

"I'm Fat!" those were the words that I heard through the haze of my sleepy slumber as my husband trudged back into the bedroom at 5am. "My pants don't fit me. I can't even tuck my shirt in. I'm fat!" He changed his pants and headed off to work.

Now seriously...if you know my husband, then you know that there is no WAY he is fat and that he must just have some SERIOUSLY skinny jeans he was tryin' to wiggle into this a.m.

But I will give him this... both Jason and I have gotten a little squishy around the middle as of late. Last year around this time I had just had a baby, was thrilled that I fit into my regular jeans within weeks, and hadn't a care in the world about it further than that. This summer we were out and about all the time, hiking, walking, swimming, playing, and eating healthy. With those things in play and me still nursing up a storm, I was dropping pounds faster than I could blink and lovin' it!

But alas, three things seem to have happened all at once...winter arrived and exercize decreased, the holidays hit and healthy eating flew right out the window, and I'm only nursing 2x a day now so those calories are not being burned on overdrive anymore. Jason only has the first two excuses to lean on so HA!

My plan is this: eat healthier and exercize more. I've got lots of specifics for myself and ways to keep me on track but I won't bore you with those details. I'll just say that today was a great start and the Lotte Berk Method workout (essential the way dancers work out - trying something new to spice things up) kicked my rear and I loved it.

And Jason, well I'm sure he'll eat like one less pretzel a day and lose 10 pounds by the end of this week!

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Angie Cousins said...

I feel your pain! Even though I am nursing let me just tell you that the weight comes off quite a bit slower with the 2nd baby! Ummm...yeah...let's just say that 6 weeks later I am still wearing maternity jeans- uggghhh!!!!!