Dec 27, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas

What a joy it was to experience Christmas with a One Year Old! We traveled North (In TWO separate vehicles because our one little station wagon will not hold 2 adults+luggage, 1 baby+luggage, Christmas presents and food, and a dog.) had Christmas with my side of the family Christmas Eve. It was lovely. We visited, ate, opened stockings, Ella opened presents, went to a great Church Service at Calvary Chapel (PS: their nursing mothers room is THE BOMB...every church NEEDS one!) came back with a sleeping babe, opened the grown up gifts, visited and headed on home. Christmas morning we drove to Jason's side of family. We ate, opened presents, skated on the lake whilst towing little Ella in her new sled, ate, visited, ate, went in the hot tub, ate, played cards, and ate. (Did I mention that there is never any shortage of delicious food there!?)
10 pounds heavier, we headed out the next morning to visit our friends Brian and Erika and I managed to drive my car into the ditch on their road....going approximately 5 miles an hour....because I was admiring their house and thinking about how pretty all their window candles must look at night. Yeah. That's one for the books! The boys had fun bonding over getting my car unstuck. Ella napped, we had a lovely visit and then timed our departure just right so as to catch J's family for a bite to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. And since we've been home, this has proven to be Ella's favorite new "toy". :)
And we are home. Safe and sound. Goodies unpacked, settled back in and so grateful for friends, family and a wonderful time celebrating the best gift of all. The Birth of Our Savior! Happy Birthday Jesus!

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