Dec 14, 2009

1 Year Check Up

Just had our one year check up. After going through two doctors since we've moved, I really like this third. I think I'll stick with her.

Ella is 29 inches and 18lb. 11oz. She is 60th percentile for height, 80th percentile for weight, 75th percentile for head circumfrance and negative 25th percentile for foot size. Okay, so they don't really mesure and rank foot size, but if they did, I'm quite sure she'd be in the negative 25th percentile.

Seriously, this child's feet are minescule. If they don't grow, she'll be teetering around on tiny little toothpicks pretty soon. In reality though, this does create one real problem. All the shoes that fit her are made for infants...infants who's favorite activity is NOT standing anywhere and everywhere, infants who have no use for any kind of tread. Thus all the shoes that fit her are lacking some serious grippiness...which leads to some seriously slipperiness for my little munchkin. Dude, she already hits her head enough and she already has to manage to keep her balance on ridiculously proportionally small tootsies, she doesn't need the added challenge of zero friction to keep her upright.

And this leads me to one my endevors today. I am trying two things. #1)Using puffy paint to put little tractions dots all over the soles of her shoes and #2)Using that grippy tread stuff made to put on the soles of slippery high-heels. I'll let you know which one works better!

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