Dec 17, 2009

I see in my furture....

I see in my future...a much messier house! It is becoming more and more of a challenge to keep up with my little one as each day passes. She grows in stability, agility and bravery by the second! She can now reach the top of the desk and table when she stretches and stands on her tip toes and has figured out that she can pull treasures down if they're close enough to the edge!
She's on a tear with the crawling and goes from one thing to the the the next. She found the presents under the tree pretty fast. She has now learned to leave them alone and obeys me 90% of the time!
She often crawls over to me and pulls herself up on my leg and stares up at me or reaches up for me. It absolutely melts me heart. This is the view I see 50% of the day. Best view in the world!
It is beyond awesome to see her develop! Here's a little video of her saying dada and roaring like a lion!'s a really good roar for a 1 year old!


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Diane & Brian said...

She is so smart!! Love watching these videos...