Dec 20, 2009

'Tis The Season... be merry! I feel much better than when last I posted. Our offer on the house in Kennebunk was accepted! And then we turned it down! Yes, it was just too small...just not the right house. We had no peace about it and felt MUCH better when we decided not to go with it. We don't want to rush into anything (as my favorite teacher of all time used to say "Haste makes waste" ~Ms. Hutchins). The right one is out there. And I bet we made someone's Christmas when they were told their offer wasn't accepted on the house in Kennebunk and then we backed out and they were told they got it! Oh how fun it would have been to see their faces! See...God had a great suprise planned for someone all along!!!

We are making an offer on another house tomorrow. It is one that we looked at in the beginning and LOVED but it was out of our reach for a few different reasons. Well, things have changed and now it seems it might be within reach. I won't bore you with details. I'm just continuing to pray for God's will and am excited!

Christmas service at our church this Sunday was FABULOUS! Found out that our church alone sent out 700 christmas boxes for Samaritans Purse!!! And our angel tree (presents for needy families in our community) got picked clean 4 TIMES!!! I LOVE how our church puts Christianity into action, by loving others and meeting real needs! So this morning, like one gazillion children from ages 6 to 13 were baptized, sharing their testimonies of how they have accepted Jesus into their hearts and want everyone to know. Yup, cried tears of joy at every one! Beautiful music was sung and heard, a short but great and true message was shared and a candle lit song ended the time.

My schedule is completely clear this week. Free to reflect on the birth of my Savior...of the Savior available to all who believe! Free to cuddle with my loves, drink egg nog and tea, knit in a cozy house lit by twinkling white lights, smell the pine and balsam, listen to the Christmas music playing in the background! Oh how I love it!!!

I do so look forward to a game night gathering with fabulous friends and then Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Jason's. Can't wait to experience it afresh and anew with a child of our own! ...God gave his ONLY child... so that I could be forgiven...can't ever quite wrap my head around that. Having a little one of my own gives me a whole new persepctive on this...that kind of love I cannot fathom...that kind of love I am forever grateful for!

Have I mentioned I LOVE Christmas!? Oh I do! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with the unfathomable love of God!

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