Dec 21, 2009

I Take it Back!

I said I wasn't gonna give you the details of the house we just offered on. But I must! It's just TOO MUCH! And it's NOT boring anymore.

So we looked at this house 2 months ago. It's been on the market for FOREVER. Not an offer on it that I know of in that whole time. It's a GORGEOUS house and we can only dream of affording it because it's a short sale (we're talkin' 5 bedrooms, an office, separate kitchen and dining 2 1/2 baths, 9 ft. ceilings, wide pine floors, tiled kitchen, woodstove hearth) but it's on a slab which doesn't work for some people, the yard isn't fabulous...Oh, and it needs a new leach field.

After much prayer and consideration we decided to offer on it and are SUPER excited about it. As we headed out the door to make the offer this morning I told Jason that I had had a dream last night that Gesine (our realtor) had called and told us there was another offer coming in on the house. We both if that would happen. We wrote up the offer and left with a spring in our step and a prayer in our heart that it might all work out and this could be our "forever house".

About 15 minutes ago Gesine called to tell me that there is another offer coming in on the house.

You've GOT to be kidding me!!! Gotta love the Real Estate Roller Coaster! All I can do is laugh!

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