Jan 23, 2010

Ella Bella!

I think Ella comes by it naturally. Jason and I are both athletic people, played lots of sports growing up, like to stay active. Soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, skiing, and track are in her genes if you put us both together.

My favorite was soccer. Not that I'm pushing one sport or another here, or tryin' to brag or anything...but I was a pretty good goalkeeper for a class A team. Made varsity my freshman year, racked up a few awards regionally and statewide in my day....I see Ella following in her momma's footsteps. Just look at this video. Watch that arm. See how she throws her body with cat-like reflexes and makes a quicks save as the ball comes back at her. And then marvel at her quick redistribution. I'm tellin' ya. She's a child prodigy! ;)

And here is the little sweety feeding her baby a bottle. I didn't even teach her this. Well I kind of did, but not intentionally. When she first got her doll she would just chuck it on the floor. So I would pick it up and rock it and feed it a bottle. Well, two days ago she found the bottle lying on the floor, grabbed it, went and found her baby doll and "fed her a bottle". Now she does it all the time and "rocks" the baby too. Precious!

A few of her new talents are climbing the stairs (which she wants to do ALL of the time) and standing up without holding onto anything (That I've not gotten a video of yet because it happens for just a few seconds at a time).


Diane said...

OMG!! She is growing so! Leaving for Florida tomorrow, and will share these videos with Great Grammie!! Just can't believe she is going up the stairs. Love you all!

Cheryl said...

Wow! What amazing talent! She is talking and dragging her teddy bear along as she's climbing the stairs. I'm so glad you post these videos. It is so good to see her here. Especially since I never did get around to figuring out skype. I love you! And Ella is cute as a bug!