Jan 21, 2010

Scott Brown

So here's my take on Scott Brown being elected...

A lot of my friends...and many other people are very upset about it. But I'd really like people to just take a deep breath...take one giant step back from the whole issue and think about what it says that he got elected.

In a state that is made up of an estimated 10 - 15 % republicans...a republican got elected.

He ran pretty much solely on the platform that he would vote AGAINST the healthcare reform bill that is up for passage.

Ask yourselves what this says.

I'll give you my take. It says that right wing conservatives are not the only ones who oppose this healthcare reform bill!!! It says that a highly liberal, democratic state was willing to elect a republican if it meant that it would stop the healthcare reform bill!!! It says that a lot of people in general want healthcare reform but think that this is NOT reform. It says that people are tired of this bill being railroaded through with earmark after earmark being added to buy the votes they need!

WOW. It's really sad that representatives have minimized the amount of people who actually disagree with this bill. It's really sad that they are pushing their own agendas and not listening to and doing what their constituants want. THAT IS THEIR JOB YOU KNOW! It's sad that it took this and came down to this but Halleluiah that Scott Brown will the the vote needed to halt this maddness!


Esther said...

So very true Sarah. It was totally floored that he won, and totally happy. I think that the liberals are *starting* to get the idea that there are a lot of people upset about this (not to mention a whole bunch of other issues)!

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts already has a health care program similar to the so-called Obamacare plan—so they voted for it in their own state but against it in a national election?

Sarah said...

Perhaps...just maybe, people aren't happy with the plan that is running in their state and that is a driving factor behind not wanting it for the nation. I don't know that that is true but its just a thought. I usually delete people's comments who don't leave their name FYI.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

Did the people of Massachusetts vote for the state health care program, or did their state government?

I have an idea for health care reform. It's revolutionary: Don't charge a zillion dollars for telling me to take a few deep breaths and say "ahhhh." That could be a start.

- Shawn

Cheryl said...

I thought it was so AWESOME that he got elected! Stayed up late with Grandma here in Michigan watching the election returns on Fox news. I love how one conservative legislator put it when he was running and someone had commented that they couldn't let a Republican take Ted Kennedy's seat. He said, It isn't Teddy Kennedy's seat, it is THE PEOPLE'S seat!!! Amen! Thank you, God for this wonderful turn of events!