Jan 6, 2010

Life Update

So, the beautiful house we offered on Dec. 23rd is still on the table. It's in process. We just need the bank to approve our offer. The necessary septic design was done, in our hot little hands, and we're getting estimates. The bank sent out it's appraiser yesterday and "The bank looks to be moving quickly as they promised" says the realtor! The "deadline" for their decision is the end of next week but all involved are hopeful we'll know before then! Here's another sneak peek of it!I am continuing to rock my healthy eating and exercise with the exception of an indulgent brunch yesterday. It was fabulous to hang out with good friends, have good coversations and watch Miss Ella play so well with all the kiddos! She's growing up so fast! She crawls where she wants to go, stands up next to the other little toddlers, initiates play with them! She'll soon not be a baby anymore! It's bitter sweet! Women's Bible study and Mommy Time start up again in a few weeks here, excited about that because we'll get out of the house more. And I also hope to volunteer for set design at church and get my artistic juices flowing!

Jason is slowly finding some fishing buddies down here and some local places to fish. He and his friend Peter had a great time opening day of ice fishing. Small group is starting up again this week and we've been enjoying gamenights and get togethers with friends. Jason is finally working 4 10's now which is the schedule he wanted so that's great. When he's not working comp. or overtime and I'm not working Fridays, we'll have three day weekends together!
And Miss Ella. She is just too much! In a good way! I can't even put words to it! She is cruising along all the furniture, transfering from piece to piece with ease. She will hold onto our pant legs and walk forward a little if she shuffle with her. If I let go of her hands she'll stand alone for a split second. Her signage and vocabulary is just exploding. She now signs for bath and brush teeth and tons others that I've probably mentioned. She can now say, mama, "nana" for banana, and "nigh-nigh" for night, night and bye-bye.


Diane said...

The kitchen is beautiful!! We are praying that you get this house. You need to post another video of Ella!!

Shar5309 said...

Congratulations on getting the house!