Jan 31, 2010


That is the adorableness that is coming out of my child's mouth. "HI!" Two drawn out sylables in the sweetest little sing song voice, accompanied by the cutest, most exuberant one-year old wave you've ever seen.

It started two weeks ago when she said it to me when I came into her room in the morning. Talk about melting my heart!
Then she reportedly said it to every adult, child and toy the whole time she was in childcare during Bible study.
Then she started picking up her phone and saying it.
Now she says it whenever Jason or I come home. If that isn't the best greeting when walking through the door I don't know what is!
And a few days ago she said it to EVERY single person we rolled past...in Wal-Mart...on a Friday afternoon. Yup. I heard it A LOT!

It never gets old. See for yourself!


Diane said...

Thanks, love these videos!! Adorable!!

Esther said...

Kirsten just said "hi" back to Ella : ) It is SO fun when they start talking!

Anonymous said...
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