Jan 26, 2010

I have THE best husband.

Here are just a few highlights as of late:

Sensing this stay at home/working mommy needed a break, he booked me 2 nights at an Inn so that I could relax/scrapbook/watch cable TV. He arranged for a good friend to visit me there. (The fact that I cancelled it because we really can't afford it right now, has no bearing on how amazing that was!)

In lieu of said Inn stay, he watched Ella all day on Friday while my friend and I went to a fabulous cafe, perused paint colors, caught up on life and then went to a movie!

Without so much as a mention or asking, he noticed a few staple groceries we were short on and picked them up while he was out!

As a fun little suprise, he brought home a movie that (a long time ago) I had mentioned I'd like to see. (The man has a horrible memory and a knack for slamming his head into things to make memory matters worse...so this was quite amazing!)

AND after sensing that this mommy is slowing losing herself and needing to get back to her passion...knowing I've wanted one ever since college...seeing me save for one for so many years only to watch me have to depleat the savings for things like short paychecks with CCC, getting out of debt after CCC, hospital bills for having Ella etc. etc. etc.....He bought me a DSLR camera!

(Okay, it's used and it's only the body, but that's more than I ever thought I'd have so I'm beyond stoked to be moving in the right direction! He said he crunched all the numbers and we can afford it. I don't know how, but we don't have credit cards anymore so I know it's within our means and that's all I care about!)

I feel very blessed.

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Cheryl said...

Oh, hurray! I was hoping you would be able to get one someday soon! I am so happy for you that that day has come. You certainly do have one very wonderful hubby.