Nov 30, 2009

House Update

To Recap:
The day it went on the market, we lookat at a bank owned, diamond in the rough, sitting high on a hill on one acre on a fan-flippin-tastic private country road.

Because this diamond is really in the rough, we offered well below asking price.

There were multiple offers. The bank told all parties to make there best and final offer.

We offered well above asking price.

Dude at the bank responsible for this house went on vacation for the entire week of Thanksgiving.

Today bank tells us WE OFFERED TOO MUCH MONEY and need to resubmit ANOTHER, LOWER offer if we are still intersted in it.

(Me SOOO confused! What do we offer? We obviously don't want to be too high, because the bank of CRAZY won't accept it, but we don't want to be too low, 'cause then one of the other people might get it!!)

We offered just a tad over asking price today.

What the flip!? Just take our money and give us the house!!!

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