Nov 19, 2009

The Big News

Tuesday was my Birthday. A house came on the market on that day and we looked at it on that day(ps: we've been looking at houses for one week now). We made an offer on it yesterday. This could be the biggest birthday present I ever got!...aaaand the only Birthday present I've had to pay for for the next 30 years but whatev!

It is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath 2,200 sq. ft. home with atached 2 car garage situation high on a hill on a 1 acre lot on a REALLY nice road in a really nice town with good schools and it's close to Jason's work. These are the houses across the way and down the road that are listed at 350k.

"WOW!" you must be thinking, "Are you guys THAT loaded now that Jason's working at the shipyard!?" No. No we are not. It's just that if we must pay to have a roof over our head, we'd just really rather pay money toward a mortgage every month than throw it away on rent. Let me explain. Our potential little gem is a bank owned property listed at 130k...and we offered lower than that....and it bears no resemblence to those pictures up there.

Why didn't I post a picture of our potential abode? Well, primary reason numero uno is that I didn't want to be the cause of pure, unadulterated envy when you lay eyes on the neon teal paint that dons every inch of trim on this bad boy. I didn't want you to drool over the busted up cuppords, hanker for the cheap peel & stick tile or nasty @** carpet that covers every square inch of flooring in the main living space. And heaven forbid you lose complete self control over the thought of getting to wash the soot from the walls that we think is from a kerosene heater they used when they were being forclosed on. Seriously, my description is probably getting you excited enough. There's no need to put an actual visual along with that amazing word picture.

This is where vision, investment and a little bit of crazy comes in people. Please recall that we took our super dated 70's ranch in Old Town and revamped that thing inside and out in the span of 2 1/2 years. We created a beautiful home that sold for full asking price in 4 days flat (in one of the worst housing markets we've ever seen!) We can do this!

One big difference here is that a small ranch in Old Town was only ever going to be worth so much. Let me reiterate. This is a 2,200 sq. ft. house that sits high on a hill on a beautiful one acre lot in a very, very, very nice neighborhood. We plan on being there at least until we retire. That means we have plenty of time to save up and put in high quality it exactly the way we want it. By the time we're finished with this thing, you won't recognize it! It is the chance of a lifetime to build equity. It is exacty what we've been looking for! And by the time we retire it will be worth so much and we'll owe so little (and by little I mean nothing if all goes as planned). It's such a great investment!

With all that said, we still haven't heard if our offer is accepted...they have 'till 5pm on Fri. And even if they do accept our offer, I fully expect the house to fail inspection in pretty much every area. But hey, if both of those things work out we'll have ourselves one (potentially) rockin' house!!!


Amy said...

Oh that's great!!! My fingers are so crossed for you. I have no doubt that you'll have that house fixed up in 30 days.
Or at least much faster than we have ours all set to go (and ours doesn't need much work, we just stink like that).

Cheryl said...

Hooray! So glad to hear that you made the offer. I'm praying for it to be accepted!

Anonymous said...

Your gem sounds a LOT like ours before we started to get our mitts on it. Fingers crossed for you!

anxiousknitter said...

Vision through potential is sometimes the best motivator! Sounds like you'll have a jewel of a home if all works out! Move-in condition is just so boring *grin* You want something you can quickly put your stamp on! I'm so happy for you guys!!

Krissy said...

Yeah!! I hope that it all goes smoothly.